Meet Yasin Yahye – Cybersecurity Intern

image of Yasin Yahye

Hello! I’m Yasin Yahye and currently a senior in George Mason. There are a number of things I did when I started working as an intern in Total Cyber Solutions. Ranging from making CAT cables to learning how to use our Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Security Onion. 

The main thing I’ve learned while working here at Total Cyber Solutions is how to operate Security Onion. Security Onion is a network intrusion detection system that has a number of security tools to carry out that purpose. I first had to learn what Security Onion is and how it operates. So, I was enrolled in a short class that gave me a detailed run-down on how to set up the Security Onion Console (SOC), how to manage our network grid, and learn what each tool does. The tool I use most is Kibana, a data tool that uses the logs gathered and creates visualizations of the data in charts and diagrams on the dashboard. It is a great tool to query data for analysis. I’m still in the process of learning how to use Security Onion and I’m looking forward to becoming a pro.  

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