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Hi, my name is Jason Sanchez and I’m a non-traditional first generation Bolivian American college student from George Mason University. I want to welcome you to this part of the website and to my personal blog section. This week I’ll start everything off by discussing a favorite method of learning that I picked up a few years ago.

That method is known as the “Crawl”, “Walk”, and “Run”, and has been my experience so far here at Total Cyber. The Crawl, Walk, and Run methodology of training is the foundation of how the Army trains to a demanding, yet achievable standard.

With that understanding in mind, I’ve been in the crawling phase, and learning new material(s) not seen before in the classroom environment. I’ve been in the best possible learning environment here at Total Cyber Solutions. I’ve been able to work on this project and learn from the combined minds here on site and was able to pick up a few new tricks using a computer-in-a-computer login for a ‘Virtual Machine’.

My day-to-day operations mostly include assisting the other interns with their daily tasks, learning how to create an App from beginning to end, learning how to do security operations to defend a network, getting into the developer side of learning, and attending all of the lectures by the big boss for learning security operations in a team environment. Until next time, I hope to cover some more details on the Phone App development side in the next update and hope to be in the ‘walk’ phase of training and self-learning with the other team members and interns here at Total Cyber.

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