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Total Cyber Solutions prides itself in providing superior security and technical service to its clients. Operated by professionals that have been conducting the Cybersecurity and Information Technology operations for over two decades in the Defense, Government, and Private sectors.

Why Total Cyber Solutions?

Vulnerability Analysis

Assessing your infrastructure for vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, and networks and working with you to lower the risk from threats in the environment.

Penetration Testing

We test the systems on your network (both internal and external) to find weaknesses that could be exploited by an attacker to gain access to your infrastructure.

Senior Engineers/ Analysts

Our Staff of experienced vulnerability, infrastructure, network, and cloud engineers an average of 15 years experience working in government, defense and private environments.

Compliance and Regulation

Policy Compliance starts with but does not end with regulations. We evaluate and test your policies from a high level to the standards and procedures used by your workforce.

Business Continuity

While monitoring your systems and networks, we conduct incident response in to address any security breach or cyber-attack to limit damage, costs and recovery time.

Managed Security Provider

We provide security services to keep your network safe and running 24/7/365. Our managed security and services include Monitoring, Administration, Cloud, and Incident Response.

"We Can Assist You In Creating A Customized Cybersecurity Plan." We’d love to meet you and help you provide the perfect solution for all your Cybersecurity needs!
Austin Doughry
Lead Cybersecurity Engineer

John Powell

Cybersecurity Director

Vanessa April

Offensive Operations

Miesha Duncan

CMMC Director

Rachelle R. Boone

Vulnerability Manager

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Our clients say

“Total Cyber has helped my company get and stay secure with its various services so I can focus on my company."
Hilary Leigh
“Total Cyber is key to securing our infrastructure, they have a variety of services that we take advantage of."
Hall Read
“Total Cyber protected us when we needed it. We will always use their services."
Quintin Angus
"Our policy team learned a lot from the Total Cyber staff. We will continue using them to prepare for our audits."
Jillie Tempest

"We offer a wide range of Cyber Security Solutions for all your needs. Below are some of more popular offerings"

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