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Regulatory and Policy Compliance at Total Cyber Solutions

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We assist with creating and organizing your compliance policies and procedures and make sure you understand the policy needed.

policy/procedure deadlines

We help you setup your deadlines to ensure you meet all compliance and regulations dates. Including tasks, alerts, notification, etc...

Accessible Policies/Procedures

We help you ensure your employees know where to easily find your policies and procedures so that they can spend more time on their duties.

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Total Cyber helps you with your policies and procedures compliance using your different personalities, schedules, and daily experiences.

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For most of your needs Total Cyber provides pricing that is competitive. All of our plans are flexible so that you can get the best services for your needs. Total Cyber also offers extended plans to lower the cost of the services we offer.


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What is Policy and Compliance Management

Policy and Compliance Management centralizes the following activities:
  • Establish controls and controls owners
  • Define control tests and expected results
  • Establish test and control frequencies
  • Identify risks: impact and likelihood
  • Prepare attestations
  • Map authoritative sources to policies, procedures, controls, and risks

Who uses Policy and Compliance Management?

Policy and Compliance activities involve all levels of management. A key function of good governance involves the establishment of a strong organization structure.
  • Board of directors
  • IT steering committee
  • Audit committee
  • All levels of management

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