Malicious Apps Found on Google Play and Apple App Store

Malicious apps are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to detect. These apps may access services on your phone that can be used to spy on you and collect data your data. 

It was recently discovered that 80 apps on the Google Play store and 9 apps in the Apple App store were reported to be malicious applications. Together, these apps had a total of at least 13 million user downloads. In this attack, these apps would play hidden ads to generate ad revenue and track user activity to help the apps appear more legitimate.

This is significant because apps on the Apple App store are generally considered to be safe. This is because of the extensive checks Apple preforms on them before they’re allowed in the app store. Be careful about the apps you download and uninstall any apps that are known to be malicious.

Tips to Keep Yourself Safe

  • Only download apps from the official app store – do not download apps from websites
  • Carefully read the app description and user reviews
  • Review the permissions the app required before downloading – does it need unnecessary access to your camera, microphone or location?
  • Verify that the app was created by a trusted developer – a quick google search can help you determine if they are a legitimate developer
  • Consider installing anti-virus on your phone
  • Read the terms and conditions – You may unknowingly consent to sharing your data or information when you skip reading the user agreements


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